About Us

As a family business we take pride in our work, and our ability to bring a style, comfort and generations of knowledge to our customers. With three generations working together we believe in our fabrics, and make sure that we have the most innovative and top of the line products for our customers. Whether it's a wall, a beautiful piece of furniture, a floor or seating, we get to know our fabrics so we can help you pick one that will last and look stunning for years to come.

Zachary Kutner was the first to enter the industry over 50 years ago, traveling state to state to bring luxury fabrics across the country. His pride in his work encouraged Michael to join him, and expand the business to reach further across the globe, finding new and innovative designs for our clientele. Jeremy grew up in the warehouse, getting to know each and every fabric as he climbed around the bolts trying to find the most comfortable place to hide. His knowledge and artistic design made him a natural addition to our team. 

When you work with us, you can be sure to receive the best possible service and satisfaction. Our goal is to bring top notch style and comfort to your space. With luxury fabrics surrounding you and intricate stylistic touches so we can dress any room to make an impression.